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Java has been the best dog in the world for nearly 2 years. We want to thank Carriage Hill for him!

-- Susan, Sandy, Marina, and Autumn Krupp

Here is a picture of our nearly 6 year old boy. Everyone is always saying how beautiful he is, and he IS! Most importantly he is such a good boy with our 3 year old daughter. He is kind and patient and takes lots of kisses and hugs from her. I have been most impressed through the years with the way you keep in touch, and have always been there to help with any questions we have had. That has been such a blessing! I would take a Carriage Hill Lab any day, and have recommended you to anyone who has asked us for the referral. Keep up the good work!

-- The Edelman family of Stow, MA

We want to tell you that Mack is the best dog in the world. He is so happy and so glad to be with everyone and loves to go anywhere.

We have just come back from New Hampshire and a visit with our daughter Beth and her 3 German Shepherds. A good time was had by all. I shall always be grateful for the day (my birthday) that Mack bounced into my life.

-- Loraine Sautter

Coal is amazing and he has been a blessing for our family. We were not “dog people” when we were looking for a pet primarily as a companion for our son, who has special needs, but Coal changed all that. He has an incredibly sweet and loving disposition, almost never barks, and just seems to know when to be energetic and playful and when to be quiet and supportive. He was very easy to train and is a pleasure to bring anywhere we can. We were looking for a therapy dog for our son; what we got was a therapy dog for our family. He’s my son’s best friend, my daughter’s confidant, my wife’s constant companion and the best stress reliever I have ever found! Coal has won the hearts of family, friends, neighbors and virtually everyone who meets him.

-- Mark, Deb, Nicholas, Lauren
 and Coal Christopher

A wonderful dog like this doesn’t happen by accident and we are very grateful to Vickie and Carriage Hill Labs. We looked into a number of breeders on the East Coast when we were looking for a lab and we found no one who put the time, energy, research, and interest into breeding labs that Vickie did (which I’m sure is also why Coal is so darn handsome). Vickie helped us integrate Coal with the family and was always available to answer any questions we had, even long after we brought him home. Coal occasionally goes back to stay with Vickie and his “other family” when we go on vacation, and we know he is loved and well-cared for. Now over 3, he has brought such joy into our lives we almost cannot remember what life was like without him. Thank you Vickie!

Dear Vickie,

You were sooo right about Jett. He is as perfect an addition to our family as anything we could have imagined. He brings a smile to the face of everyone he meets, canine or human, and we are fairly embarrassed by the number of compliments we receive about him. He sailed through Puppy Kindergarten, skipped intermediate obedience training completely (the boy is a genius!), and his trainers in advanced obedience school refuse to take credit for his stellar performance there. He is a true friend and confidant for the three of us. He loves to play soccer and his "sense of humor" is as subtle as it is disarming. Our only complaint is that we spent hundreds of dollars on an "invisible fence" that we just do not need.

-- Sincerely, Eric Federspill