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Stella Sammis

Stella Sammis is owned and loved by Jesse, Paige, Eliza, Eleanor, Leelee, Mason and Aggie Sammis.

Her littermates are Ella, Ellie, maddison, Winnie, Morgan, Moose, Ollie

Bristow Family Update

Summer, Tucker, Brady & Bear

Etta Plohr

 Click to ​Etta Plohr is enjoying a ride in the boat at her home in Penobscot, Maine. Etta is owned and loved by her Veterinarian Dad - Bob Plohr, Mom - Carol and brother, Ben.

Her littermates include, Mariah, Bentley, Palmer, Birch, Brandy, and Dubai. They are Mandy and Jonathon pups born on December 5, 2008.


Rocke enjoys the Burke family pool in Bedford.

Mandy (Mom) & Mariah

Last weekend we took Mandy (mom) and Mariah to the lake. Mandy is an awesome swimmer/retriever and we were hoping Mariah would follow in her foot steps. Well, she LITERALLY did just that. Mandy flies down the dock and leaps through the air into the water and Mariah did EXACTLY the same thing! They swam and played in the water all afternoon.


You talking to me? Says Brandy O'Connell of Cedar Grove, NJ.Brandy is owned and loved by Carolyn and Sambuca O'Connell of Cedar Grove, NJ. Brandy is from our Mandy and Jonathon litter of 12/5/08. Littermates are Bentley, Birch, Etta, Palmer, Roxi and Mariah.


Bailee is having fun playing in our bountiful snow. Bailee is owned and loved by Kristin McCoy and family of Londonderry, NH. Bailee is a Marsha and Mikey puppy from their 11/14/08 litter. Littermates include; Molly, Eire, Maya, Margo, True, Aggi and Sully.


Sully is resting after a busy day in North Carolina with his new family, Mike, Denice, Emily & Bridgett Cotten of Durham, NC. Sully was the only boy in our 11/14/08 litter of Marsha & Mikey. His sisters are True, Bailee, Aggi, Eire, Molly, Maya, and Mariah. Sully DID have his name several weeks before Captain Sully landed his plane in the Hudson. However, he flew home to NC with a stop in NY just like Captain Sullys.

Below is Sully on his birthday after a beautiful afternoon walk... The leaves are falling finally in North Carolina while here in New England we are almost done cleaning ours up! Sully belongs to Mike, Denice, Emily & Bridgett Cotten of Durham, NC. Sully was the only boy in our 11/14/08 litter of Marsha & Mikey. His sisters are True, Bailee, Aggi, Eire, Molly, Maya, and Mariah.

Bentley in the Bentley

Bentley Allatt is going for a ride in the car he was named after. Bentley is owned and loved by Nancy & Peter Allatt of Greenwich, CT. Bentley's litter was born 12/5/08 to Mandy & Jonathon. Littermates include Birch, Etta, Palmer, Brandy, Roxi and Mariah.


Aggi is owned & loved by Peter Foster of Kittery, Maine. Aggi is a Marsha/Mikey pup from 11-14-08. Her littermates are Sully, Bailee, True, Eire, Maya, Molly and Margo

Our Maddison and her best friend Mitch

Bode Battis

Bode Battis is pictured below. Bode is owned and loved by Don & Barbara Battis of New Castle, NH. Bode is one of the 5 boys in Mittens & Mitch's last litter of 5/21/05. His brothers are; Toby, Sailor, Junior and Hunter.


Percy is owned and loved by Fred, Rebecca, Peter & Nicholas Briccetti of Hopkinton. Percy is from our 11-20-07 litter of Mimi and Jonathon. Her littermates are Mylie, Maddie, Mojo, Tanner.


Hodi is owned by Dr Colin Carter of Cambridge, MA Hodi's from our Mandy & Derby litter born 7-9-07. His littermates are Mikey, Matilda, Merle, Finian, and Rocke.

Denny Crane

Denny Crane is the only black puppy from Marelot & Donal litter of May 06. His littermates are Marsha, Ping, Summer, Maxx, and Honey. Denny Crane is owned and loved by Dr. Doug Nicoletti and his wife Rochelle Nicoletti in Northwood. The pictures above are from Denny's first day home and a picture with his new Dad.

Denny Crane at 3 mos old

Cooper Tremblay LOVES the water!

Shadow Davis of Bedford, NH

This is Shadow Davis of Bedford, NH She is owned by Paul, Thea, Alexis & Quinn. Shadow is from our Melody and Donal litter of 7/28/05. Littermates
are Malibu and Captain Morgan.

Carriage Hill's Summer Breeze

Summer & Brady Bristow

Summer is from our latest litter of Marelot/Donal and she makes
the 4th Carriage Hill Lab in the Bristow Family.

Tucker & Brady Bristow


Tucker is a member of the Richardson Family from Farmington, NH.
Maggie and Tiger are Tucker's parents. His littermates of 1-17-02 include Maddison, Bode, Alana, Cynder, Kaylee, Coal and Mekaila.

Cynder and Maddison Gage

They are litter mates from the Maggie and Tiger litter and are owned and loved by Kasara and Jeremiah Gage of Rollinsford, NH and are the inspiration behind "The Black Dog Car Wash" in Rochester. Other pups in their litter include Bode, Alana, Kaylee, Mekaila, Coal and Tucker.


He is owned and loved by Dennis & Sue Tremblay, neighbors of Carriage Hill Labs. Shown here being held by his new Mom, Sue. Cooper is a puppy from our Maggie & Piper litter. His littermates are Mimi, Jett, Tiger,Willow, Lily & Mack.

Tucker Bristow

Brady Bristow

Brady Bristow is owned and loved by Bill, Cathy, Megan, and Carly Bristow. Megan Bristow is the proud owner of Tucker who is pictured below with Brady. Brady is from the Mimi & Donal litter. His littermates are Mesa, Maggie, Emma, Loki, Bradi. Tucker is from Mittens & Mitch 2nd litter. Tucker's littermates are Boo, Titan, Fenway.

Jett Federspill

Here are pictures of Jett Federspill. He lives in Bedford with Eric, Hannelore and Holly. Jett is a Maggie/Piper pup and his siblings are Mimi, Tiger, Willow, Mack, Lily, and Cooper.

Daisy & Bradi

This is Daisy and Bradi. Daisy is owned by Tom Sowles, she is the adult in the picture. Daisy is from Missy's 2nd litter and has littermates of Nomar, Bella, Samson, Major and Tiger. Bradi is the puppy in the pictures and is owned by Tom's cousin, Sean Smith and Julie Edwards. Bradi is from our last litter - Mimi and Donal - and her littermates are Mesa, Brady, Loki, Emma, Maggie.


This is Samson, his parents are Missy & Jonah. His littermates are Daisy, Nomar, Bella, Magor and Tiger. They were born 6-13-99. Samson is owned by the Edelman family of Sudbury, MA


Maggie is from Mimi & Donal's last litter and her littermates are Bradi, Loki, Brady, Mesa and Emma.


This is Loki - he is a puppy from Mimi and Donal's last litter. The other pups in his litter include Maggie, Bradi, Emma, Mesa and Brady. Loki is owned and adored by Marsha Campbell and Rob Gibbons of Hooksett, NH.


Charlie owns the Eubank family of Natucket, including Sandra, Dean and Casey. Charlie is a Martha pup and has Marigold, Buddy, Bob, Scrapy, Windsor, and Hattie as littermates.