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This is Dubai who is a Mandy & Jonathon pup from their 12/5/08 litter. Her littermates are: Bentley, Birch, Palmer, Etta, Brandy, and Mariah. Dubai is owned by Mike Galvin, the Veterinarian in NY mentioned in Eire's Story. Dubai is also loved by Sabrina, and Leighton.


We love this dog! She is the kindest, most intelligent, fun-loving dog I have ever known! She spends hours every day at the horse farm, and is friends with all of the horses and other barn dogs. She has never met a human or animal she does not like. She is particularly friendly with my stallion, Royaal Z ( When Royaal sees us arriving, he comes galloping over to greet Dubai. She licks his face and he keeps his head lowered for her. It is quite amazing to see.

Everyone stops us on the street to ask about her and ooh and aah over her. For a puppy, she has amazing temperament and has simply the most beautiful face on a dog I have ever seen.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.



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