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Maddison and Mitch

Maddison and Mitch

Maddison and Mitch

This is our Maine Coon Kitty Kuma - half the time he thinks he's a Lab!

Maddison in PEI Canada


Maddison in PEI

Our granddaughter Emma snuggling our Mandy & Jonathon pups

The Welcoming Committee

Maddison 14 mos. & 7 week old Marelot/Donal pups

Maddison (9 mos) & Mittens

Vanessa and Jeff's Wedding
Nieces -- Samantha Emond and Danielle Colpritt
Mogey was the ringbearer, neices Danielle Colpritt and Samantha Emond were flowergirls. Vanessa is Vickie and Greg's oldest daughter...

Our daughters and their Carriage Hill Labs (L-R)
Kathryn and Melody, Christina and Mittens, Julianna and Missy, Vanessa and Mogey.

Christina and Mittens
Julianna and Mekaila

Kathryn (Katie) and Melody

The newest member of our family - our first grandchild - Maddison holding her favorite yellow puppy.
Maddison is getting kisses from the puppy
Maddison and Malibu

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